Columbia Plaza shooting, the rest of the story…


Ashley Curry

On February 3rd, 2014 at approximately 4:36PM Columbia police officers, Sgt. Sam Stein, Officer Daniel Bell, Officer Troy Engle, and Officer Brent Smith were dispatched by Lancaster County Communications to 960 Lancaster Ave, Columbia. (Columbia Plaza), for a report that a female in the parking lot with a gun shot another female. When police arrived at the scene 3 minutes later they found one woman laying on the ground by the rear drivers side of a green 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. The woman who’s name is Jamie Roland had a single gun shot wound to her abdomen, The shooter, Ashley Curry was seated in the front seat drivers side of the Nissan. Witnesses immediately identified as the shooter by as Ashley Curry, and she was immediately taken into custody by Officer Engle. Curry’s boyfriend Steven Smith was seated in the front passenger seat of the Nissan, and was also taken into custody. A Taurus .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol was recovered off of Curry at the time of her arrest. Officers say Curry made unsolicited spontaneous statements to the police, and others that she shot Jamie Roland in “self defense.” Curry also stated “I shot the fucking bitch, she deserved it.” This statement was heard by fellow police officer Brent Smith. Susquehanna EMS arrived on scene and transported Roland to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for non-life threatening injuries.



The investigation also showed that Curry, and Smith were in the Nissan Pathfinder, while Curry was driving prior to all of this in the Weis Market parking lot located in Columbia also. There was another woman named Alicia Glenn-McCowin also in the parking lot driving her car. Unknown to each other prior to this incident, Alicia ended up directly behind Curry as they made a right hand turn on to South 18th Street, traveling North. Alicia Glenn-McCowin remained behind Curry’s Nissan as they both turned left and began traveling towards Columbia Plaza. When both drivers entered the Columbia Plaza, McCowin stated that it was her intention to do some shopping at the Dollar General. McCowin stated that as she exited her car, she saw Steve Smith was approaching her and saying something to her. McCowin stated that she wasn’t sure what he was saying so she walked towards him, and at this point Ashley Curry exited her Nissan and began calling her a (N-word) scumbag. McCowin stated that Ashley curry was calling her this repeatedly.



Jamie Roland, shooting victim.

Jamie Roland, shooting victim.

Witnesses on the scene corroborated the story on the scene. According to the criminal complaint Curry’s outburst became louder and more aggressive, at that point multiple people started to approach the scene. Police on the scene learned from multiple witnesses that as Curry was continuing the attack on McCowin Jamie Roland, and her sister Crystal Manfred approached Curry to help McCowin. Roland, and Manfred were not involved but they were trying to help. As they approached Curry went back to Nissan, where they continued in a verbal altercation. however according to the police report there was no violence at this point. As the verbal altercation continued Curry accessed her gun and stood by the drivers door of her car, pointed the gun at Jamie Roland and pulled the trigger once time striking Roland in her abdomen. As Jamie Roland was laying injured on the ground Curry, and Smith locked themselves in the Nissan till the police arrived. Witnesses on the scene were there giving Roland first aid till the police arrived.


At 5:14PM Stephen Smith, Curry’s boyfriend was transported to Columbia Borough Police department and stated that Alicia McCowin was the aggressor, and it started at Weis Markets. He claimed that McCowin called Ashley Curry a “heroin addict” and tailgated Curry’s vehicle as they traveled towards Columbia. smith claimed that he told Curry to pull into Columbia Plaza to avoid McCowin. Smith also claimed that McCowin was the aggressor in the parking lot at Columbia Plaza. Smiths claims were refuted by independent witness statements. Smith claimed that Curry did shoot Roland, but it was in self defense. When Ashley Curry was interviewed she invoked her right to a lawyer and decided not to issue a statement concerning the shooting. She was transported to Lancaster County Prison and bail was set at $100,000.00 cash. She is charged with Aggravated Assault, Ethnic Intimidation, and Simple assault. Stay tuned as ColumbiaPaOnline follows this story. Below is a copy of the original police complaint. It is my opinion that no one deserved a bullet in this case, and maybe this all could of been avoided if someone would of called the police sooner. Your comments are welcomed.


Elite work from an Elite company.

Elite Energy Picture

Elite Energy Truck

On one of the coldest days yet this year I found myself in a heating dilemma, you see I was home last night and after dinner while doing the dishes I noticed that the water went cold. You see the hot water in my house is powered by a boiler, that provides heat, and water, and runs on oil all year round. When I went down to the basement to investigate the furnace I checked the oil tank to see if there was oil in it. Well it was dry so I decided to wait till today to contact Elite Energy in Columbia, as they are my oil company since I moved into my new home. With in a hour or two of contacting this reputable company they had my tank filled, and attempted to bleed the boiler. In realizing there was a problem, the Elite Energy man left and I called the property management company that was in charge of maintaining my house. When they asked me who was close by in our town the first thing out of my mouth was Elite Energy. With in a hour Elite had once again sent someone out to my house, and he had the boiler fixed and running in no time! Most companies do not respond this fast and I just wanted to give them a high five. I used to use Musser Supply, but they in my opinion they are over priced for oil, and Elite Energy has beaten their price every time I’ve called. I also got on the auto fill program with this fine company back in November. It is a great way to save money, especially when your on a tight budget and have kids! They worked with my budget! They came out, filled my oil tank, sent me a bill, and gave me twenty days to pay it off. The average bill to fill a one hundred and fifty gallon tank is roughly $2.54 per gallon as of today! That comes out to about $100.00 per week for four weeks to heat this house for 2 months or more, and trust me we have lots of radiators everywhere in this old house! After the bill is paid off they come and top it off every few weeks, making sure me and my family stay warm all winter long.  Our last fill up lasted us over two months! So personally if you are ever in a pinch and need a good company to service all your heating needs including propane call these guys! They are the best, and in my opinion actually give a shit about the people in our town and are willing to work with them. If you would like to contact this great company you can find them at 240 Mill Street, Columbia, Pa. 17512. Their telephone number is 717.684.2181. The website for their company is  they are open weekdays from 9AM-5PM! When you call them tell them Jesse from mentioned their name! Thanks for saving my ass again guys!



And the asshole of the year award goes to…

Dear Columbia Borough,

It has been a long hard year for the citizens of this town. It seems that every good things gets two bad things back in return. I sure hope 2015 is a turning point for our borough. I’ve seen the good hard working people in this town getting gouged by taxes, crime, and other issues. If we do not act soon it will only be a matter of time in my opinion that this borough and school district also ends up being a award of the state. I promise that in 2015 I will try to do my part and bring you all up to speed about important issues in this town, and name the responsible people that are harming our town. In the next few weeks you will see me turning over new stones and I expect some feedback from our town residents. Now to the issue at hand…

For many years I did a segment at the end of the year called “The Asshole of the Year awards” to earn this title the people that are responsible have to show us their inability to run things markethouseproperly, and keep in mind that this award is strictly my opinion, and is not meant to hurt our town, or any specific individual, but hopefully influence people to make a positive change. It was a very hard decision, but in my opinion I think the Market House Trust has earned the award this year. They have taken our beloved prize from us and completely ran it into the ground. Over the last few years we’ve seen many people come and go including Carmen Swinehart, Renee Sears, and Brian Long to name a few. If they had not removed Carmen or Renee, or Brian I know that the market house would more than likely be thriving, but you see it seems like everyone trying to make decisions down there just do not get it, and now the Market House is in grave danger of collapsing financially in my opinion. It was much better when you had one chief instead of five chiefs making decisions, and with only 5 or 6 vendors in there I can not fathom them even being in the green financially, it takes lots of money to run this market house. Every time I go there I put my head down in shame knowing that the last big vendor, TJ’s Steaks, is about to move out. After they go who knows that the future will be for the market. I can only hope that these people running it will do the right thing and give it back to the borough before it is sealed up for another 20 years. So good job Market House trust for messing this one up. I hope you all are proud of yourselves. A monkey in my opinion could do a better job then all of you have. Fact is the trust has changed out many people since it’s incorporation, and the reason that I hear from most of the people that served is that there is no structure, and no agreements. So bad that they resign or get people from other towns such as Mount Joy or Mountville to run the show. In my opinion the market house should be represented by people from our community, or should be back in the boroughs hands. At least if they find one good person it could be saved. Better luck this year. I hope that who ever is running the market house this year pulls their heads out of their asses and make it the success that it should be. Happy New Year Columbia!


Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

cinxmasTo all of our faithful members! I wish you a Merry Christmas. This year has been an interesting one. Please remember to stay safe out there this holiday season. After the first of the year our website will once again be a major player in the news in, and around Columbia, Pa. area, as we have been making significant upgrades to make this site more user friendly. Also we are bringing back the “Asshole of the Year” award in a few days too! Your not going to believe who it is! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


A busy day for fire fighters today in Columbia.

IMG_20141120_110043     It was a busy day today for fire fighters today. Around lunch time there were two active fire incidents in Columbia. One was at the Old State Theater, where an outlet started to smoke. Fire fighters quickly responded to turned off the power to the building until the faulty outlet was replaced. Mikey a worker there said it was smoldering when they got there, and the second one was a garage on Ave G, that was fully engulfed when fire trucks got there on scene.  I saw Mountville, Blue Rock, Columbia, and a few others on scene! Good job firefighters…


A hidden secret…

Gramma's Home Accents

Gramma’s Home Accents

When walking through town the other day I stumbled on this store in Columbia on Locust Street. The name if the store is called Gramma’s Home Accents. Owner Rich Sabatino, opened the store January 7th, 2014. This place is beautiful on the inside and out, and Rich has many things for purchase, focusing on furnishings for your home, so whether you need a customized table, shelves, or decorations this is the place to go, and did I mention his prices are right on target, and he delivers anywhere! The store address is 417 Locust Street, Columbia, Pa. 17512. Rich’s phone number is 717-342-2548. They are open from Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM. See pictures for a sneak peak into this beautiful store!


Clean Air… Rumors vs. The facts…

Picture submitted by Cole

Picture submitted by Cole Umber from Columbia-17512.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Sgt. Jacobs from the Columbia Borough Police Department, and I was able to clarify a few facts about the accident that claimed the life of Sis. First all both occupants in the car passed a sobriety test. They both voluntarily offered the officer the test. Both occupants had clean driving records, the car does not look like it was speeding at a high rate of speed either according to Jacobs. The question still remains though at press time on who was driving the car. Witnesses claim the woman was, and some claim the man was. At this point we do not know, but this looks like a honest accident, and not something that was done out of carelessness. The Columbia Borough Police once again would like to talk to anyone that has pictures of the accident or have witnessed the accident to come forward. They can be reached at 717-684-7735, Sgt. Jacobs is leading the investigation.

One another note regarding Cole Umber, and the camera issue. Mr. Jacobs also responded that he never had the intention of taking away Cole’s camera. Another officer from West Hempfield name Mullen’s pointed Cole out as they were still trying to clear the accident scene. So Kudos to Jacobs for clearing this up, and being transparent where others in the past have failed! I hope this post can give the Brown family some closure knowing that it was an accident, and to the ignorant people that were there taking photos of the victim shame on you all. You should have more respect, and morals. Thank you.


Clearing the air of rumors…

     It has come to my attention that there are some very bad rumors going around about Cole from Columbia17512. A few days ago Jody Gable, a council woman on Columbia Boroughs council posted a message on Facebook accusing Cole of taking pictures of a certain crime scene. After doing a thorough investigation, talking to witnesses, and police I’ve learned Gable-1that Ms. Brown was whisked away in the ambulance way before Cole even arrived on the scene, and therefor he did not take those pictures as some people alleged. I also personally looked at Cole’s camera today, and saw that the photos he took in no way were disrespectful of the Brown family or the late Ms. Brown. Someone spread a horrible rumor, and once again everyone involved on Jody’s Facebook page jumped on the wagon with her. Cole did not arrive on the scene until 7:20PM, the first recorded time on his camera, and was there on the scene approximately a half hour until a certain police officer violated his first amendment rights, and threatened to take his camera for evidence. Through out this whole situation and terrible tragedy’s past and present I have never known Cole to do the things that you accused him of Jody Gable, and I think you owe him a personal apology for your ignorance. Also to make it clear to the Columbia Borough Police officers, you can not legally stop people from taking pictures on public streets. I agree that some things could be considered immoral, and disrespectful but you guys should of been focused on the teenagers with the cell phones that were there way before Cole was on scene. These were the people being disrespectful by snapping pictures of Sis at the accident scene, maybe you guys could of sealed off the area immediately, and while your at it maybe you should ask those teenagers to come forward as my son did and tell the officers what really happened, and who was really driving that car. Maybe their pictures will shed some light on this. The only thing Cole is guilty of is being the target of someone that clearly should not be on the borough council in my opinion.  Thank you.