First Day of School in Columbia.

It disheartens me to see that this year no one from the Lancaster Papers mentioned Columbia Borough School district as having any new programs or anything. What’s going on? Columbia School District is broke, On a good note the state has received some fund to pay for school lunches so the school district will now offer free breakfast and lunch to all the students in Columbia Borough school district. If Columbia would follow suit the school district would be able to provide more programs.  Click here for the article in the LNP paper. —>—here-s-what-is-changing/article_24decdc6-4a50-11e5-ad0f-d722785e5e03.html

Columbia Borough School District Wellness Fair “Building a better you”

sdoc     If your thinking about how to “Build a better you,” then be sure to visit the Wellness Fair, sponsored by the Columbia Borough School District. The fair will be held on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 from 5Pm-7PM, at Park Elementary school. The school is located at 50 South 6th Street, Columbia, Pa. When you visit you will get easy to sustain tips to get fit, including cooking demonstrations and food tastings, along with great door prizes! Vendors attending will have tips that focus on physical and mental well-being, along with a healthy dose of fun. This is an event for the whole family to enjoy!

The Coffee Grill Café! A internet café that’s everything one should be!

20150324_120843In late March of 2015, The Coffee Grill, located at 237 Locust Street in Columbia opened its doors to our community! This place owned by Ricky, and Cathy is a pure gem in this town! On arrival I went in, and was immediately greeted by a friendly staff with open arms! I ordered the Italian sub and French fries and it was the best that I have had in a very long time. They have a very good menu, and serve up lots of great items including many varieties of coffee as well. They also offer free internet access to all! I was so taken by this establishment that I had to go back for the following week and order other items from their menu! I give them 5 stars!!!

They also have a huge banquet hall that seats 150 guests, a dance floor, and a bar in the basement. Fact is it was so perfect I had to reserve a spot for my daughters sweet 16 birthday party! The price for the hall was right on too! In the future I think my wedding reception will be there too! So folks if you are looking for a great spot to have a party or just get a bite to eat over lunch come to The Coffee Grill, located at 237 Locust Street, Columbia, Pa! Here is a link to the website! Tell them Jesse from sent you!

Links to the Videos..

First of all I want to thank Cole Umber from Columbia 17512 for helping out, and Brian Long from Columbia News and Reviews as well. You can view the videos of the aftermath of the shooting here at

Thank you.


The other side of the story II – Who is Alicia Glenn-McCowin?

As I said from the first article. I felt there was something that made me doubt Alicia Glenn-McCowin’s character, and testimony during the preliminary hearing. It turns out that my gut was right. Not only did I receive 2 videos, and 64 still pictures from a trusted source. I was able to do some research online, and obtain some papers at the Lancaster County Courthouse today that clearly show the courts ordered her to undergo a mental evaluation for some crimes that she plead guilty to under one of her many last names… Beaty, Glenn, McCowin, and Henson! Please see the links below for yourself, and also remind yourself that she plead guilty to them!

Alicia Beaty Alarm to Public Safety 2010 <—- Click to review the online court docket from 2010!

Here are the original criminal complaints for this in 2010! This is simply crazy, and on top of it the courts had her mentally evaluated!













Also in 2011 She also got charged with an incident at the Lancaster General Hospital at the ER. See the online docket here! Alicia Beaty 2011 Big Court <— Click to open!

Here are also copies of the original criminal complaints! According to this complaint she tried to strike a city police officer in the ER! So you see between this and the video evidence I will be posting shortly her creditability as a witness may be blown out of the case! Looking at these she could of been the aggressor as Smith, Curry’s boyfriend told the police. Detective Leddy did confirm that it started at Weis markets, and McCowin claims it started when she blew the horn while behind Curry’s car at the light at Musser’s Plaza!

20150312_000048 20150312_000102 20150312_000117 20150312_000139









As you can see Alicia Glenn-McCorwin is no stranger from being an aggressor,. She also has another case under her married name. This one though you can look up. I provided a screen shot from the UJP website.

Docket Listing



This with the videos I have think discredits most of this lady’s statements to the police. You be the judge. I will be presenting the edited video in the next segment, which clearly shows the chaos and confusing right after the shooting, and also clearly shows where Curry was standing in relation to the shooting that she claims was in self defense. Stay tuned!




The other side of the story Part 1

Screen shot taken from WGAL Channel 8's Youtube channel. Photo is of Alicia Glenn-McCowin, alleged victim that got kicked and spit on according to hearing testimony.

Screen shot taken from WGAL Channel 8’s Youtube channel. Photo is of Alicia Glenn-McCowin, alleged victim that got kicked and spit on according to hearing testimony.

Greetings everyone! As most of you know, on March 9th at 10:30AM the preliminary hearing was held for Ashley Curry.  She is the woman that is charged with shooting Jamie Roland in the abdomen, and assaulting Alicia Glenn-McCowin the Musser’s parking lot on February 3rd 2015. I took it on myself to do some real investigative research on each of these witnesses involved to see how their stories add up in my opinion.

You might ask why I would do such a thing. Reason is while I was sitting in the hearing, watching Doug Cody, and Christopher Larsen question Alicia Glenn-McCowin I felt something didn’t feel right from the answers that McCowin was giving to both attorneys, and the way that she was acting on the stand. Defense attorney Cody really punched a lot of holes in her story in my opinion, and Mr. Larsen tip toed around a lot of questions in my opinion as well, and some things just did not add up from the police criminal complaint, and this woman’s testimony. There was also a woman there transcribing all of the testimony.

On top of this, which I will show in the coming days, all these people are not what, or who the main stream media is putting them out to be. I feel that if Mr. Larsen, the man prosecuting this case knew what I have learned in the last two hours then things would be going different in this case. One thing that bothers me is that Officer Leddy stated that he had to be called in to investigate this and his charges are from what he heard second hand from the responding police and witnesses. Also during the preliminary hearing they refused to allow Jamie Roland to testify even though she was at the hearing in her wheelchair, which meant that these charges are all off hearsay from the shooting scene at Musser’s Plaza. I am a firm believer that the accused has the right to face and question their accusers, and this did not happen at this hearing in my opinion.

After seeing several photos of the crime scene, and doing close ups there are more questions then answers in my opinion. As a good investigative reporter would do I am seeking out, and that is the other side of the story, and in the following days I will raise some valid questions that the DA, Police, and Witnesses on both sides have failed to investigate in my opinion. I will start from the beginning, and try to follow through to the end. I also obtained some inside information from a witness that I will be questioning in follow up reports on this website. Through out this whole ordeal I will remain neutral as I do not know any of these people on a personal level, but things just do not sound right.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this story, which will be coming as soon as I review some video, and more photos that were taken from the scene right after the shooting occurred. Video that has not been released to the police, or DA, or lawyers as of yet. For those that want me to publish it, forget about it. I will not be publishing this as I am protected under press rights not to disclose my sources, however if I find something interesting I may publish still shots to back up my opinions, and or the facts regarding true statements or flat out lies from criminal complaints, witness statements, or the main stream press.

In closing if anyone has any video that was uploaded to and removed, or you have something to share please feel free to contact me, and I will keep your privacy, and confidentiality my number one priority. Stay Tuned as I focus on what allegedly happened at Weis Markets leading up to Musser’s Plaza in the next day or too. I will prove without a doubt that Alicia Glenn-McCowin may not be who the press has made her out to be. Stay Tuned…

Columbia Plaza shooting, the rest of the story…


Ashley Curry

On February 3rd, 2014 at approximately 4:36PM Columbia police officers, Sgt. Sam Stein, Officer Daniel Bell, Officer Troy Engle, and Officer Brent Smith were dispatched by Lancaster County Communications to 960 Lancaster Ave, Columbia. (Columbia Plaza), for a report that a female in the parking lot with a gun shot another female. When police arrived at the scene 3 minutes later they found one woman laying on the ground by the rear drivers side of a green 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. The woman who’s name is Jamie Roland had a single gun shot wound to her abdomen, The shooter, Ashley Curry was seated in the front seat drivers side of the Nissan. Witnesses immediately identified as the shooter by as Ashley Curry, and she was immediately taken into custody by Officer Engle. Curry’s boyfriend Steven Smith was seated in the front passenger seat of the Nissan, and was also taken into custody. A Taurus .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol was recovered off of Curry at the time of her arrest. Officers say Curry made unsolicited spontaneous statements to the police, and others that she shot Jamie Roland in “self defense.” Curry also stated “I shot the fucking bitch, she deserved it.” This statement was heard by fellow police officer Brent Smith. Susquehanna EMS arrived on scene and transported Roland to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for non-life threatening injuries.



The investigation also showed that Curry, and Smith were in the Nissan Pathfinder, while Curry was driving prior to all of this in the Weis Market parking lot located in Columbia also. There was another woman named Alicia Glenn-McCowin also in the parking lot driving her car. Unknown to each other prior to this incident, Alicia ended up directly behind Curry as they made a right hand turn on to South 18th Street, traveling North. Alicia Glenn-McCowin remained behind Curry’s Nissan as they both turned left and began traveling towards Columbia Plaza. When both drivers entered the Columbia Plaza, McCowin stated that it was her intention to do some shopping at the Dollar General. McCowin stated that as she exited her car, she saw Steve Smith was approaching her and saying something to her. McCowin stated that she wasn’t sure what he was saying so she walked towards him, and at this point Ashley Curry exited her Nissan and began calling her a (N-word) scumbag. McCowin stated that Ashley curry was calling her this repeatedly.



Jamie Roland, shooting victim.

Jamie Roland, shooting victim.

Witnesses on the scene corroborated the story on the scene. According to the criminal complaint Curry’s outburst became louder and more aggressive, at that point multiple people started to approach the scene. Police on the scene learned from multiple witnesses that as Curry was continuing the attack on McCowin Jamie Roland, and her sister Crystal Manfred approached Curry to help McCowin. Roland, and Manfred were not involved but they were trying to help. As they approached Curry went back to Nissan, where they continued in a verbal altercation. however according to the police report there was no violence at this point. As the verbal altercation continued Curry accessed her gun and stood by the drivers door of her car, pointed the gun at Jamie Roland and pulled the trigger once time striking Roland in her abdomen. As Jamie Roland was laying injured on the ground Curry, and Smith locked themselves in the Nissan till the police arrived. Witnesses on the scene were there giving Roland first aid till the police arrived.


At 5:14PM Stephen Smith, Curry’s boyfriend was transported to Columbia Borough Police department and stated that Alicia McCowin was the aggressor, and it started at Weis Markets. He claimed that McCowin called Ashley Curry a “heroin addict” and tailgated Curry’s vehicle as they traveled towards Columbia. smith claimed that he told Curry to pull into Columbia Plaza to avoid McCowin. Smith also claimed that McCowin was the aggressor in the parking lot at Columbia Plaza. Smiths claims were refuted by independent witness statements. Smith claimed that Curry did shoot Roland, but it was in self defense. When Ashley Curry was interviewed she invoked her right to a lawyer and decided not to issue a statement concerning the shooting. She was transported to Lancaster County Prison and bail was set at $100,000.00 cash. She is charged with Aggravated Assault, Ethnic Intimidation, and Simple assault. Stay tuned as ColumbiaPaOnline follows this story. Below is a copy of the original police complaint. It is my opinion that no one deserved a bullet in this case, and maybe this all could of been avoided if someone would of called the police sooner. Your comments are welcomed.


Elite work from an Elite company.

Elite Energy Picture

Elite Energy Truck

On one of the coldest days yet this year I found myself in a heating dilemma, you see I was home last night and after dinner while doing the dishes I noticed that the water went cold. You see the hot water in my house is powered by a boiler, that provides heat, and water, and runs on oil all year round. When I went down to the basement to investigate the furnace I checked the oil tank to see if there was oil in it. Well it was dry so I decided to wait till today to contact Elite Energy in Columbia, as they are my oil company since I moved into my new home. With in a hour or two of contacting this reputable company they had my tank filled, and attempted to bleed the boiler. In realizing there was a problem, the Elite Energy man left and I called the property management company that was in charge of maintaining my house. When they asked me who was close by in our town the first thing out of my mouth was Elite Energy. With in a hour Elite had once again sent someone out to my house, and he had the boiler fixed and running in no time! Most companies do not respond this fast and I just wanted to give them a high five. I used to use Musser Supply, but they in my opinion they are over priced for oil, and Elite Energy has beaten their price every time I’ve called. I also got on the auto fill program with this fine company back in November. It is a great way to save money, especially when your on a tight budget and have kids! They worked with my budget! They came out, filled my oil tank, sent me a bill, and gave me twenty days to pay it off. The average bill to fill a one hundred and fifty gallon tank is roughly $2.54 per gallon as of today! That comes out to about $100.00 per week for four weeks to heat this house for 2 months or more, and trust me we have lots of radiators everywhere in this old house! After the bill is paid off they come and top it off every few weeks, making sure me and my family stay warm all winter long.  Our last fill up lasted us over two months! So personally if you are ever in a pinch and need a good company to service all your heating needs including propane call these guys! They are the best, and in my opinion actually give a shit about the people in our town and are willing to work with them. If you would like to contact this great company you can find them at 240 Mill Street, Columbia, Pa. 17512. Their telephone number is 717.684.2181. The website for their company is  they are open weekdays from 9AM-5PM! When you call them tell them Jesse from mentioned their name! Thanks for saving my ass again guys!